Why Moneyhub Connect?

In short, using Moneyhub Connect allows you and your client to see all your clients' financial data, including pensions, investments and property as well as cash accounts and income and expenditure, in one easy to use portal. They will see all of their data in their own Moneyhub account that is accessible across all devices, and branded with your colours and logo.

Once you've set up Moneyhub you will soon be on the way to faster fact-finding and instant data-sharing. You'll be providing artificial intelligence to your clients in a user-friendly interface that automatically does daily financial admin for them, meaning more time saved for both of you.


Benefits for your business


Secure data sharing expedites the fact-finding process putting you in a better position to assess suitability, affordability and capacity for loss.


Knowing the amount of money clients actually hold will help ensure investments portfolios match the client’s attitude to risk.


Optional white-labelling in both app and website increases brand awareness and perceived value of services offered.


Access to insights on a level never available before, empowering you to provide a proactive, relevant and timely service in a GDPR compliant manner.


Simple and intuitive account onboarding allows both the user and financial adviser to immediately understand personal spending and saving behaviours.


Segment clients based on demographic or financial information and  positively interact with clients using nudges to remind or prompt them to act, such as using up their ISA allowance or switching mortgages.

Benefits for your clients


Easy access to their entire, automatically updated, financial world with a personal Moneyhub account.


Share managed pensions and investment valuations with your clients, to view alongside the rest of their financial world, giving you and your clients a holistic, 360 degree, financial view.


Regulated by the FCA as an Account Information Services Provider, Moneyhub securely connects directly to the banks' APIs. Using the most up to date connection methods and regulation ensures your clients' data is always protected.


Moneyhub uses artificial intelligence and personal analytics to automatically surface insights and nudges that help reduce expenditure, freeing up additional cash.

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