Moneyhub Connect

Moneyhub Connect gives you unrivalled clarity over your client's financial world

Quick and secure data-sharing means your clients can share their financial data with you with a flick of a switch, anywhere, anytime.

 Moneyhub Connect
 Streamline the advice process

Streamline the
advice process

Spend more time doing the things that your clients really value

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 Get more clients

Grow an active
and engaged client base

When you're listed in our directory, prospective clients can find you

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 Financial world

Become part of
their financial world

Help your clients plan their financial journey and show them where you fit along the way

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Streamline the advice process

Your clients can quickly and securely share their aggregated financial data with you through their own personal Moneyhub account, cutting down the time spent on data collection. With your Moneyhub Connect account you can have all their information to hand, wherever you are, so you can collaborate effectively.

The fast, smooth and innovative service we offer puts your client at the centre of their finances, and sets you apart from the rest.

 Give advice for efficiently with Moneyhub


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Grow an active and engaged client base

Moneyhub gives people a deeper understanding of their money, and the ability to search for an adviser based on the type of advice they need.

Clients will have the opportunity to connect with you at a point when they are highly engaged with their finances, and you can start the relationship instantly.  You'll be able to grow a client base, through Moneyhub, that is already enthusiastic about their finances and ready to get quick and convenient advice. 



Become part of their financial world

Through their Moneyhub account, your clients will gain a rich understanding of their long term finances. It's easy for you to show them how you can help, and demonstrate the positive outcomes of your advice in real time. Use your Moneyhub Connect account to view your client's data and send nudges for every financial scenario they might need help with.