FAQs for professionals

+    What is the difference between Moneyhub and Moneyhub Connect?

Moneyhub is the personal financial management app for individuals. It aggregates financial account data, offers spending and income analysis, and allows an individual to see their financial world in one place.

Moneyhub Connect is the financial adviser version of Moneyhub. It's where you can see all of your clients' shared data, use filters and specifications to see certain clients and group them to send them messages, and allows you to send financial advice or request nudges to your clients' own personal Moneyhub accounts.

+    Which platforms do Moneyhub connect to?

We connect to: Ascentric; Aviva wrap platform; Aviva life pensions; Cofunds; Fidelity; Intelliflo; Novia; Parmenion; Praemium; Standard Life Wrap Platform; Transact; and Wealth Time.

If your platform isn’t featured in this list please contact us at Connect@Moneyhub.com and we may be able to sort something out!

+    Can Moneyhub be white-labelled?

Yes, we do dynamic branding at Moneyhub meaning your client can see all their finances in one place, with your firm's colours and logo.

+    Will I get a refund if my client stops using Moneyhub?

You will not get a refund during the month/year of subscription, however you can allocate licences that have stopped being used to other clients that may wish to use Moneyhub.

+    Can I advertise to potential new clients through Moneyhub?

Yes, your business will appear under the ‘Planning’ > ’Find Advisers’ section of Moneyhub to everyone using Moneyhub.

+    What if my client already has a Moneyhub account?

You can send an invitation via Moneyhub Connect to your client to connect to you, otherwise they can find you under the 'Find advisers' option in their Moneyhub and connect with you through there.

Once connected you can choose to pay for their subscription, which would be one of your 25 minimum clients, or they can continue paying for their own subscription, which wouldn't be included in your 25 clients.

+    Can I change my subscription?

Yes, if you send an email to Connect@Moneyhub.com we can help you change your subscription.

+    How do I change my payment details?

Log in to the Connect portal at https://business.moneyhub.co.uk, click 'User Settings' on the bottom left hand side menu and click 'Subscriptions'. Click the 'Payment settings' box on the top right hand side of the screen and select 'Card Information'.

+    If my client has a partner or spouse, do they need one Moneyhub license or two?

Unlimited bank accounts can be linked to Moneyhub, so if a couple want to view their finances jointly they can share an account – meaning only one license would be required. If both partners want their own individual Moneyhub account, two licences are needed.

+    I work with other professionals, can my client's data be shared with them?

Yes, if the professional (e.g an accountant) is signed up to Moneyhub Connect, the client can opt to share their data with them.

+    Can I use the same email address for Moneyhub Connect and my own personal Moneyhub account?

No, unfortunately it is necessary to have a separate email address for each account.

+    Can I see all of my client's Moneyhub data?

All platform data is readily available to you, but the client is in full control of which of their accounts they wish to share with you.