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See everything in one place
All your accounts, investments, assets and borrowing in one place - across all your devices.
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Understand your money
Get powerful insights into your spending habits, and the tools to help you change your behaviour.
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Get advice along the way
Instantly connect your account to professionals who can help you make the big decisions.
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See everything in one place

Put yourself at the centre of your financial universe by bringing together all your bank accounts, credit cards, investments, savings and borrowing. Seeing exactly what you have and where you're spending it is the first step – you'll quickly see how small changes can make big things happen.

Understand your money

How much do you spend on eating out compared to groceries? Moneyhub intuitively categorises your transactions, and Spending Analysis shows you exactly where your money goes each month.

Set Spending Goals and track your progress, so you can free up extra cash for the things that really matter.

Use Forecast to map out what your finances will look like in the future, and answer the question "will I have enough?"

Get advice along the way

There may be times when you want to talk to an expert. Whether you want to invest for your future, make the most of your retirement, or find the right mortgage, a financial adviser or accountant can provide a valuable service.

Through Moneyhub you can find an adviser, connect with them and share your data instantly and securely. Choose what you want to share, and collaborate with them at home or on the go.

Take your money with you

Moneyhub works across all your devices, so you can keep track of your money wherever you are.

Secure at all times

We know that protecting your personal information is important to you. Moneyhub is protected by certified bank-level security. The data in your account is read-only, so no one can move your money.

Your data belongs to you

Unlike some of our competitors, we won't sell your data to third parties or try to sell you products that you don't need. We charge for Moneyhub because you are the customer – not the product.

Every journey starts with a small step

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