What Moneyhub can do

Want a breakdown of the main aspects of Moneyhub? Here's a few of the features that you'll find in the app to help you on your financial journey:

All your finances in one place

Accounts and assets - All your finances in one place

Through the 'Accounts and assets' page you can connect and view any number of accounts you might have, so that you can see all of your finances in one place.

We currently connect to: current accounts; credit cards; savings accounts; mortgages; pensions; and investments. 

You can also manually add assets that contribute to your net worth, but might not necessarily be part of an online banking institution. 


Spending analysis - See how much you're spending and where

In the 'Spending analysis' option you can view numerous graph options to see how much you're spending compared to previous months and where most of your spending is going.

Scroll down to see a category-by-category breakdown of your spending in the monthly period and how it compares to previous months.


Spending analysis

Spending budgets

Spending goals - Start saving 

Once you see where your money is going and how much you're spending, you can start setting yourself budgets that you can actually stick to.

When you set a budget, you'll get told how much you spent in that category last month, so that you don't over or under budget. 

Then, you'll get nudges to tell you how far through you are for each budget, so you can adjust your spending throughout the month.

Want to know what else we do?
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