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See all your money in one place and use powerful, market-leading tools to achieve your goals

See everything in one place

See everything in one place

All your accounts, investments, assets and borrowing in one place – across all your devices.

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Understand your money

Understand your money

Get powerful insights into your spending habits, and the tools to help you change your behaviour.

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Get advice

Get advice along the way

Instantly connect your account to professionals who can help you make the big decisions.

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Confused about Open Banking?


Have you heard of the term and have no idea what it means for you and your data? Read our FAQs to get your head around the new legislation:

Moneyhub cares about keeping you and your data safe



See everything in one place

Put yourself at the centre of your financial universe by bringing together all your bank accounts, credit cards, investments, savings and borrowing. Seeing exactly what you have and where you're spending it is the first step – you'll quickly see how small changes can make big things happen.




Understand your money

How much do you spend on eating out compared to groceries? Moneyhub intuitively categorises your transactions, and Spending Analysis shows you exactly where your money goes each month.

Set Spending Goals and track your progress, so you can free up extra cash for the things that really matter.

Receive relevant and timely Nudges that help you keep your payments on time, give tips on how to save or spend better and find you better deals on your cards, mortgages, and much more. 



Get advice along the way

There may be times when you want to talk to an expert. Whether you want to invest for your future, make the most of your retirement, or just find the right adviser that can provide a valuable service.

Through Moneyhub you can find such a person, connect with them and share your data instantly and securely. Simply choose what you want to share, and collaborate with them at home or on the go.


Customer quotes


Moneyhub pays for itself many times over

Moneyhub is really a blend of software and customer service. The software helps me manage small deposits in multiple accounts, and the customer service when you need help is friendly and gets the job done. Great team, thoroughly recommend.

– Nick


No longer burying my head in the sand

Before looking at Moneyhub I tried every other app on the market, but couldn't find one which connected with my bank account. I signed up for Monzo but it only tracked what I spend on that card. With Moneyhub I can track everything and know exactly how much I have. It stops me going into debt with my credit cards and set financial goals.

– Phil


Does everything you need and more

I have tried using several apps for budgeting and used to use an excel spreadsheet to calculate the amounts in my different accounts. This app takes all of that away, as it pulls all my accounts (and my wife's account) into one place. It also enables easy budgeting as I can set targets and see how I am progressing on spend in the month by category. Customer care is top notch. They have bank standard security which is very reassuring.

– Jonathan


The best one out there

I've tried out all the banking aggregators over the last 5 years and this is easily head and shoulders above the rest.

– Lincoln


Best money I've ever spent on an app


Moneyhub quickly and simply pulled together my finances as a whole and detailed where I was overspending. Something not immediately obvious until demonstrated so informatively by the Moneyhub review. The perfect financial companion.

– Bradley


Easy to use and worth the subscription

Moneyhub helps me keep a much closer eye on what is going on with my accounts. It has saved me money as I have spotted two occasions on which I have ben overcharged (refunds just under £300 in total!). 

– Fararg


What the experts say

There are plenty of apps that allow users to monitor their spending and manage their money, but Moneyhub has a few additional tricks and remarkably clear design. Moneyhub has certified bank-level security, so users don’t have to worry about leaving themselves at risk
— Felicity Hannah, Finance Journalist for The Indepedent
Moneyhub will not only give a breakdown of where your money is being spent, such as on gas bills or travel, but will also give the detail: the total you spend at the Dog & Duck, say, versus the amount spent in Mothercare.
— Andrew Oxlade, Finance Journalist for The Telegraph
If you look at your bank account each month and wonder just where all your cash went, then this could be the app for you. It allows users to plan a budget and track where their money is spent, along with tools for taxes, pensions and mortgages.
— Abhijeet Ahluwalia, Finance Journalist for The Sunday Times

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